Get to Know the Author Behind Your New Favorite Salsa Book

Hi, my name is Mike Hickman and I’ve been salsa dancing for a really long time. After many years on the dancefloor, I’ve decided to create Salsa ABCs. It’s a great source for salsa dancing books to help aspiring dancers like you to get comfortable with the basic steps.

Salsa at Your Own Pace

Learning how to salsa dance can be as easy as reading a simple book. The only things keeping you from learning are lack of time, convenience, and easy dance instructions. That’s why my books are designed to help you learn basic salsa moves and gain confidence on the dancefloor at your own pace and at your own time.

Read, Move, Dance

Our dance lessons will tackle the complete ABC's of salsa dancing in a way that’s perfectly simple and easy to digest. All you have to do is read the instructions, move your feet along, and have a whole lot of fun!

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Introducing the Step-by-Step Salsa Guides

Getting my instructional resources is the equivalent of having your own personal salsa dance coach! For added convenience, all guides come in both regular paperback and digital e-book versions. 

Salsa for the Familia

We have instructional salsa guides for everyone who wants to learn this amazing dance style quickly and easily. Browse our selections and take your pick.

  • The Salsa Dancing Game for Men, The ABC’s
  • The Salsa Dancing Game for Women, The ABC’s

You can also opt to have versions of these books in Spanish.

For our young salsa fans, we’ve got the perfect coloring and storybooks just for you!

  • One Two Three Dance with Me
  • Me, Salsa Dance

Explore More

Who says you need to leave the comforts of your own home for a proper dance lesson? Spare a minute and browse my online catalog. I’ve got comprehensive tutorials and resources that cover all levels of salsa dancing.


About Michael Hickman

As the founder of Read Up America and an author of various children’s books, I’ve decided to combine my passion for writing and salsa dancing. I was moved by the willingness of aspiring salsa dancers to create convenient learning resources everyone can access. Today, I offer a great selection of step-by-step tutorials so we can all dance the salsa!

Purchase your salsa guides now at Read Up America to start learning how to dance the salsa right away.

Let’s Get Dancing!

If you’d like to learn more about my offerings, please send me a message.