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Hi, my name is Mike and after many years of dancing salsa, I decided to create salsa dancing game books for beginner salsa dancers to help them get comfortable with basic salsa dance steps.  There are several ways to learn basic salsa dance movements.  Here's one way:

Learning how to dance salsa can be as easy as reading a simple book.  It's true. The only things that are keeping you from learning how to dance salsa with your own partner are...


But what if you could learn how to dance Salsa, learn Salsa dance movements from the very comfort of your home or in the break room at work?  Can you imagine how much FUN it would be to learn this beautiful and intoxicating dance with your partner? Even if you don't have a partner, my books are designed for you to learn basic dance salsa moves and increase your comfort on the salsa dance floor. 

Well now's your chance to learn how to dance salsa and get comfortable on the salsa dance floor, the fast way and on your terms.  Our dance lessons will show you the complete ABC's of Salsa Dancing that will simplify the learning process for you.  All you have to do is read the instructions, move your feet along, and have a whole lot of fun!

Introducing the Step-by Step Salsa Guides From is your go-to online resource that contains some of the most useful "how to" Salsa dance guides on the entire planet.  These complete step-by-step instructional guides will be like having your very own salsa dance coach right by your side.  All of these guides come in both regular paperback as well as digital ebook versions.  Also, the The Salsa Dancing Game for Men, the ABCs and the Salsa Dancing Game, the ABCs are available in is in the Spanish language.

Also, the 1-2-3 Dance with Me coloring book and the book Me, Salsa Dance are for children.  This means has instructional Salsa guides for EVERYONE who wants to learn this amazing dance style the quick and easy way and have fun.

​You can learn more about the available ABC's guides, which do not have illustrations, and purchase your own copies so you can start learning how to dance salsa right away, on your own time.  Visit  ReadupAmerica  today.

Have fun,


​​Michael Hickman is the Founder of ReadupAmerica and author of books for children and coloring books.

The Salsa Dance Experience

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