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The Salsa Dancing Recipe for Couples

These instructional books have been created to help men and women learn how to dance salsa. The alphabetical arrangement of this book is an original concept assigning an alphabet to a dance move.  A step by step layout of each alphabet makes this book easy to read, easy to follow, and the only salsa dance book you'll ever need. Learning these ABC's will increase your fun with your  dance partner on the salsa dance floor.  Purchase your copy of the mini book and practice dancing at any time.  

Getting started

Are you ready to get your feet moving in the right direction on the salsa dance floor? Download a copy of the mini book, The salsa dancing game for guys, the ABC's or The Salsa dancing game for women, the ABC's. 

My salsa dance experiences

For me learning how to dance salsa was a challenge, but enjoyable.  I love the dance venues, searching and finding places to dance.  Holding hands and laughing with dance partners made the nights.  Did I mention the music? Did I mention the women? Did I mention the fun?  

The Salsa Dancing Recipe

You can get my books by clicking here 1-2-3 Dance with me

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The new book is ready for you to order. It's the Cha Cha Cha Dragon a coloring book, a book with a costume party, dance theme.  If you like  a copy, send an email.  

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How much are the books? They are economically priced

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Do you do private lessons? Yes

If I order in bulk for my family reunion, will you deliver and sign them? Yes

Will you come to my school? Sure

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